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 The B7 Sigma-6 is the most compact excavator in the 8-10 tons with a complete swing radius of 1320 mm, which is 34% less than comparable machines with articulated boom. It offers the possibility to the operator to turn 360° in a traffic lane of 2,7 meter wide.


Yanmar developed for the B7-6 a unique boom concept. It offers a three piece offset boom, made out of high tensile steel, which is 1,5 times stronger than normal steel. The Sigma boom has several big advantages due to the specific cinematic, it offers the smallest turning radius, an increased lifting performance and an optimal visibility on the working zone for the operator.


 The B7-6 uses the newest version (Y-Harmonizer) of the Yanmar TNV engines. It is a Yanmar 4-cylinder engine with direct injection and common rail system. This engine is also equipped with a cooled EGR and a DPF, which allow the machine to exceed EU emission regulations and to meet already the next EU Stage V level.


The B7-6 is equipped with a hydraulic circuit with aggregated power regulation equipped with three variable flow piston pumps and a multiple combination directional control valve. Pumps engage automatically depending on the operation being performed, providing greater ease of use for the operator. On one hand, the combination of the pump flows can increase the work speed and on the other hand, the system allows smooth and simultaneous performance of all the operations, even while travel.


 The B7-6 has an exceptional stability due to its unique boom design, since the pivot point of the boom is located close to the center of gravity of the machine. Therefore, the B7-6 is the optimal tool to lift and place loads. Furthermore, the B7-6 is equipped with the patented VICTAS system. This unique track system proposing an offset rolling path enables the excavator to lift loads with increased performance while having the most compact size in its class.


 Ideally located, the control levers offer exceptional movement precision. Double adjustable proportional control of both auxiliary circuits.



 Yanmar has been paying a lot of attention to the operator station with this ultimate version of the B7-6. We have considerably increased the space inside the cabin by increasing the width and the length of the cabin. As a result the cabin offers 40% more space to the operator for an improved comfort. Ergonomic pilot system 360° visibility. VICTAS crawlers allow vibration- and noise-free movements. Exhaust fumes are extracted vertically.


 The structure of the B7-6 cabin has been designed to meet the ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) certifi cation as well as the FOPS  (Falling Object Protective Structure) level 1. The FOPS level 2 protective structure is optionally available as well as a front guard.



Simple maintenance structure for fast and easy access to all components. Facilitated daily checks.